The last date to submit the Assignment is 10-08-21 (Open Schooling-Vocational)    || Admissions Open for D.P.Ed / Yoga / Journalism / Montessori / Tamil Pandit / A-MBA / E-MBA Courses.     || Admissions Open for D.Com(P) / Chartered Professional (Mech/EEE/Civil) / D.T.Lit. Last date: 30-07-21.

Disclaimer & Warning

We would like to inform all students and parents who take admissions in Open Schooling (Vocational) at Tamilnadu Council for Open and Distance Learning to learn and understand that the purpose of promoting Open Schooling (Vocational) is to serve as a link to create eligibility for ineligible students and further study Certificate /Diploma /  Post Graduate Diploma and other courses offered by Tamilnadu Council for Open and  Distance Learning. We do not promise of Government Job, Quasi-Government Job or any jobs which does not come under the scope provided of Tamilnadu Council for Open and Distance Learning. All of them who take admissions for Open Schooling (Vocational) are required to ensure that their primary purpose of studying Open Schooling meets the actual motive of promoting Open Schooling (Vocational) by Tamilnadu Council for Open Schooling.  If the original motive of doing Open Schooling (Vocational) is not followed and if found, it is for purposes other than mentioned here the admission is liable to be cancelled.


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